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Buying eco-friendly Toiletries & Amenities helps you go green…


Soft Touch Corporation is a Eco-Friendly company.  Looking after the welfare of your customers is our top priority, but it is also important for us to make quality articles and products which have a minimum impact on environment. In sync with the hospitality industry we are strongly conscious of the impact we have on the environment and the growing eco-consciousness of guests. Our Toiletries & Amenities are produced with recycled bottles & tubes and are biodegradable to ensure the best possible solution to create eco-friendly products.Towels made from organic or sustainably harvested natural fibers come from rapidly renewable resources grown using methods that do not pose environmental harm to ecosystems, wildlife, or humans.





.  Biodegradable and Eco-labeled tubes and bottles.

. 100% recyclable bottles.

. Bottles feature contemporary aesthetics and ease of use.

. Large easy-to-open bottle opening provides effortless access to the products.

. Bar soap packaging features a touch of luxury with an artisan style frosted parchment.

. Multilingual labeling accommodates the international traveler.


. Bar soaps are 100% vegetable based .

. All soaps and liquids are 100% bio-degradable .

. No silicone oils and no formaldehyde.

. Free Paraben family.

. Cruelty-free – never been tested on animals.

. High quality level due to same standard as retail level.

. Formulated with naturally derived ingredients.


.Soft Touch Corporation has the experience and expertise to ensure the safety and integrity of your product every time. Each of our facilities is registered

with the EU and FDA Administrations.

. Strict adherence to Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs).

. Fully-equipped and certified microbiological laboratories.

. Expert quality analysts to review data & control production status.




. Soft Touch Corporation can demonstrate the quality of its products and working environment by several certifcations and audits.

. Soft Touch Corporation is on the special list of certifed companies deemed to have the highest standards connected to Integrated Quality Management System.


Organic farming uses few if any harmful chemicals and combats global warming through carbon sequestration.

Most towels are made from natural fibers: cotton, bamboo, hemp, and wood pulp. Some less expensive towels, however, may also contain polyester, a synthetic fiber made from petrochemicals. Therefore, its use in bath towels contributes to the environmental hazards associated with petroleum exploration and processing. These hazards include disruption of land and ocean habitats, oil spills (which can kill wildlife), and pollution of water supplies.


We are, looking for ways to create soft, yet environmentally sensitive products, are exploring several eco-alternatives, including Certified Organic cotton and fibers such as bamboo, wood pulp, and hemp. The manufacturing and distribution processes are also being addressed through a variety of chemical alternatives and certification bodies.


Bamboo fiber the natural, green, renewable and eco-friendly textile of the 21st Century.


Bamboo thrives naturally without the use of pesticides and requires significantly less water.  Bamboo is a cellulose fiber which is converted into yarns without the addition of toxic chemicals, and is 100% biodegradable in soil by micro-organism and sunshine, causing no pollution to the environment.


Concern for the environment is deeply rooted in our business philosophy. We actively engage in recycling efforts to minimize any impact on the environment. None of our products are tested on animals and no animal ingredients are used in our formulations.



Reduce your environmental impact on the world today.

What is d2w?

d2w is the brand for controlled-life plastic technology which is designed to control the life of ordinary plastic products.

d2w is a carefully researched and tested additive formulation which is added to ordinary plastic at the extrusion or

casting stage of manufacture.

d2w oxo-biodegradable plastics has a pre-programmed life. There is little or no extra costs. During its service-life, the

properties of ordinary plastics such as strength, 􀃸exibility, printability, sealability, processing temperatures and speed

are not affected at all.

Almost all kinds of plastics – not just carrier bags! Only 1% dosage (for most plastics) is required and d2w products can

be made with the same machinery and workforce as before, with no need to change suppliers too.

At the end of its useful service life, the process of oxo-biodegradation starts and the plastic will eventually be broken

down into water, carbon dioxide and biomass. The plastic will degrade and then biodegrade in the dark or sunlight,

heat of cold, land or sea, leaving NO fragment, NO methane, NO harmful residues thus avoiding pollution and damage

to the environment and wildlife.

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